The 3 Best Camping Fans In 2021 To Ventilate Your Whole Tent

Don’t you hate camping in an overheated tent? A steady airflow is a must when summer camping, and that’s exactly what a camping fan has to offer.

So let’s solve this annoying problem and take a look at the three best camping fans, shall we?

No time to read these reviews? From my hours of research, I can conclude that the Amacool Camping Fan is generally the best camping fan to buy in 2021.

Best Camping Fan With a Lighting System: Amacool Camping Fan

Best if: you’re looking for the camping fan with the longest battery life. It should have a lighting system so you can use it as a lantern, and it has to be powerful but not make too much noise. You also need it to be rechargeable with a USB-cable.

The Good

  • Amacool made this camping fan with a focus on battery life. The result is about 50 hours of battery life on the lowest setting.
  • There are 3 stances you can choose from.
  • Its lighting system is very bright, making it easy to read your book at night. If you think it’s too bright, you can still choose from the two lower settings.
  • It has both a hook and a mount, so you can choose to hang it in your tent or place it on your camping table.
  • Recharge it with your PC, power bank, phone adapter (5V/2A) or car charger with a USB-cable.
  • It can rotate 360°, both horizontally and vertically. This makes it much easier to position this camping fan the way you want it.
  • You receive a lifetime warranty for this product. If it’s broken, just visit this page, fill in the information and Amacool will send you a replacement.

The Bad

  • A bit more expensive than other camping fans.
  • It doesn’t have a carry handle.
  • It doesn’t feature a power bank.
  • It weighs more than the usual camping fan (1.32 pounds).
  • The batteries are not replaceable.


  • Battery life: low-50 hours, medium-17.5 hours, high-10.5 hours (only fan, no light)
  • Charging time: about 8 hours
  • Speed: low-4.9 ft/s, medium-7.2 ft/s, high-10.5 ft/s
  • Input: 5V/2A (USB)
  • Warranty: lifetime
  • Batteries: 2 lithium-ion batteries (non-replaceable)
  • Item weight: 1.32 pounds

Best camping fan for the money: Koxxbass Portable Fan

Best if: you want a camping fan that features a light, power bank and a hook. You want one that’s powerful but also small, lightweight and silent. You’re not really concerned about its battery life because you have a power supply at the campsite. You also need it to be rechargeable with a USB-cable.

The Good

  • There’s a hook that makes it possible to mount this fan on the ceiling.
  • It comes with a light that has two settings, so there’s no need to choose between a fan or lantern.
  • The handle of this fan is actually a power bank that you can use to charge your smartphone.
  • It can easily be recharged with your PC, power bank, phone adapter (5V/1A) or car charger (USB cable is required).
  • Small lights indicate how long the battery will last, which means you can easily see when it’s time to recharge.
  • You can use this fan while charging, so you’ll hardly ever run out of battery.

The Bad

  • The battery life in the highest position can be disappointing (about 4 hours). This is because this camping fan has only 1 lithium-ion battery, while most camping fans have 2.
  • The battery is not replaceable.
  • Although 7 hours charging time is not much, it is when you consider that it only works for about 4 hours at the highest setting.
  • It rotates only 180° and not 360° like most camping fans.
  • The seller gives you the impression that this fan has a diameter of 7 inches, however, it’s the entire product that’s 7 inches long. The fan itself has a diameter of about 5 inches.


  • Battery life: low-14 hours, medium-7 hours, high-4 hours
  • Charging time: about 6 hours
  • Noise: 35db
  • RPM: low-2000, medium-2600, high-3200
  • Input: 5V/1A (USB)
  • Output: USB
  • Warranty: 6 months
  • Batteries: 1 lithium-ion battery (non-replaceable)
  • Item weight: 15,8 ounces

Best Camping Fan With a Flexible Mount: Opolar Camping Fan

Best if: you want a camping fan with a mount that you can wrap, bend or make sturdy. You don’t care about a hook, light or power bank. You like it when a camping fan makes a slight amount of noise because it helps you fall asleep.

The Good

  • Its flexible mount allows you to pretty much hang this camping fan everywhere.
  • It has a decent battery life of 20 hours on the lowest setting.
  • The batteries are replaceable.
  • You can use this camping fan while it’s recharging.
  • Its charging time is only 4 hours, which is very low compared to its battery life.
  • The light indicators show how much battery life is left.
  • You can choose from three different settings.
  • You can rotate it 360° and position it in any way you want.
  • There’s no need to worry about insufficient power. This little thing is powerful enough to ventilate your whole tent.
  • Recharge it with your PC, power bank, phone adapter (5V/2A) or car charger with a USB-cable.

The Bad

  • The flexible legs may break if you’re not careful, however, you can contact the manufacturer and they’ll send you free replacement parts (if within 12 months after purchase).
  • It doesn’t have a hook.
  • It doesn’t feature a light.
  • It doesn’t have a power bank.
  • It makes more noise than the others in this review. However, you may like the white noise of a fan.


  • Battery life: low-20 hours
  • Charging time: about 4 hours
  • Noise: <45 decibels
  • RPM: 2600 on high
  • Input: 5V/2A (USB)
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Batteries: 2 lithium-ion battery (replaceable)
  • Item weight: 1.05 pounds

How To Choose a Camping Fan?

1. How Should It Be Powered?

Most camping fans nowadays are rechargeable through a USB-cable. This means you can recharge them with your phone adapter, PC, power bank and car charger.

Some camping fans, however, have built-in batteries, which means you can’t replace them when they don’t work anymore. In this case, you’ll have to contact the manufacturer and claim your warranty.

That’s why camping fans with replaceable batteries are a better choice. Not only for this reason but also because you can bring these fans on camping trips where you don’t have a power supply. Whenever the batteries are dead, simply replace them with fresh ones.

2. How Big Should Its Battery Capacity Be?

As a rule of thumb, you want your camping fan to survive the day on the lowest setting. It’s quite unlikely that your camping fan will run the whole day, so if it can be used for 15 hours on the lowest setting, you shouldn’t have the feeling that there’s not enough battery life.

Most camping fans can also be used while recharging, so it’s unlikely that you’ll ever run out of battery life.

3. How Strong Should Your Camping Fan Be?

There are two factors that determine the power of your camping fan:

  • The strength of the motor
  • The size of the fan blades

So you may want to buy the camping fan with the strongest motor and biggest fan blades, however, you should keep in mind that these also demand more power and weigh significantly more.

If you have limited space or need to travel light, this may not be an option. So I chose to review three lightweight camping fans with a very powerful motor. They’re also very affordable, which is something stronger fans are not.

If you need an even stronger fan, I suggest you buy two lightweight fans. Together, they’ll provide a strong airflow while saving you a whole lot of money.

4. How Many Speed Settings Should It Have?

A camping fan with only one setting is no fun. It’s therefore a good thing that almost all of today’s camping fans have 3 stances: low, mid and high.

The lowest stand is usually a good option for the night because it makes the least amount of noise. Some people on the other hand prefer a bit of background noise to fall asleep. That’s where the middle stance comes in handy.

And the highest option may be your preferred stance on hot afternoons, where a strong airflow is necessary to survive the day.

5. Do I Need A Hanging Or Standing Fan?

Hanging fans feature a hook, giving you the option to mount them to the ceiling of your tent. This is a great feature for larger tents with open plans in it. A hanging fan spreads air from above, allowing cold air to reach a wider tent area.

You may be tempted to hang a big, heavy fan at the ceiling, however, keep in mind that your tent is not the most stable construction, and a heavy fan could make it collapse. Fortunately, all the products that I recommend in this article are lightweight and won’t be a problem for your tent.

6. Should It Have A Light?

A camping fan with a lighting system could illuminate your entire tent if you mount it to the ceiling.

There is one downside you should keep in mind though. Using both the lighting system and the fan will deplete the battery at a much faster rate. So if you have a separate lantern, you may want to use your camping fan only for ventilation.

7. Should It Have A Carry Handle?

A carry handle makes it easier to move your camping fan, however, this is usually not a must-have feature if your fan is lightweight.


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